The organization was founded in 1972, initially as a trading company of aluminum confectionery and bakery products, called "D.Konstas".
The trading company was converted into aluminum processing of confectionery and bakery products in 1979.
In 1990, the craft industry and marketing, were transported to LambrouKatsoni 295 in AgiiAnargyri.
At that time, stainless steel processing to produce tools for confectionery and bakery  was added to the production activity of the organization.
In 1992 the company was transformed from an individual enterprise into a General Partnership.
In March 2003 the name of the organization changed to today: "Sons D.Konsta G.P”
In 2006, the exhibition space and offices of the company were upgraded to 295 LambrouKatsoni in AgiiAnargiri where it remains today.
In 2009, the production activity of the organization was transferred to new facilities in Aspropyrgos.


“Sons D. Konsta G.P.” organization scope is :
Production of aluminum and inox products for confectionary and bakery use. Trading of apparatus products for confectionary and bakery use.
Organization’s comparative advantage is based on :
The fine quality characteristics of production and trade products.
The complete fulfillment of Client and Customer requirements.
The absolute satisfaction of National and European regulations and legislation regarding products intending to contact food.
The wide product ranges.
The speed in delivery.
Organization service and products reliability in offering the above since decades.

“Sons D. Konsta G.P.”, to realize the above, processes supplies of the highest standards, employing best practices, continuously seeking improvement and innovation in product realization.

Trading products are imported from internationally established manufactures.
Continuous improvement policies also scope the support processes, which form the basis of the organization's operations.
Personnel and Management efforts are most critical to the implementation of the organization scope and policy.
Hygiene and Safety at work always comes first in the organization management.

Sons D. Konsta G.P
Christoforos & Ioannis Konstas